miércoles, enero 12, 2005

More work on ReflectionOnly apis

I've been keeping working around ReflectionOnly apis. Last week I sent a patch to the list, waiting for Paolo/Zoltan aproval. I didn't receive any answer in the next days; however, I jsut got this from Zoltan:

Most of the code looks ok to me. However, my code review skills are
not very good. Better
wait until Paolo reviews it.

Les Miserables
Today finished the book "Les Miserables", from the hand of Victor Hugo, one of the greatest writers all of times, without any doubt. I have to say that this has been the hardest book I have ever read, and also one of my favorites -with Oscar Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Gray and Alejandro Dumas' Count of Montechrist-.

It is definitely an excellent reference to understand the person as a unit of the society, and to begin to act as good person. Certainly, it is sad, but the reward is huge. A good way to find a hope -and also get a compromise- in this society, in which, at least in Mexico, the sadness and injustice are very common things. The discrimination, implicit or explicit, based on the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair, your economical status, the car you have, and even your beliefs, are examples. Fortunately, I thinkg that we have also persons who belive that the world can be changed for good, and better, they act to make it sure.

The Hobbit
Some days ago I read that David Limon ended the book "The hobbit". Since I read the three last books, I found his description very pleasant, and I want to read it.