miércoles, septiembre 30, 2009

.Net/Mono Code Camp

I will be attending next october to the .Net/Mono Code Camp, where there will be conferences about the latest goodies in .Net, as well as -of course- some of the most interesting bits in the Mono land. The event is going to take place exactly on october 17th and 18th in Tarragona, Spain, and I expect to have a lot of fun there.

I will be giving a general Mono presentation with our last bits here and there, and since none of our great Moonlight hackers is coming, I will be also giving a talk about the Moonlight land. But the most interesting part is that hacker extraordinaire Lluis Sanchez is comingo talk about the awesome MonoDevelop as well as about Mono.Addins, a powerful plugin framework used in the previously mentioned project.

I think it's will also be interesting that the Codice Software crew, the guys behind Plastic SCM, will be there to give a talk also. They have been of great help for us, giving feedback, filling bugs, sending patches, etc. Their talk will be about their experience using Mono as a cross platform solution, which I'm already looking forward.

The agenda, just as Lluis mentions, include Mono, Moonlight, MonoTouch (development for the iPhone), MonoDevelop, Mono.Addins, and much more.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to say that the registrarion is open - so, if you plan to attend, register here.