jueves, septiembre 11, 2008

Working in an office

Just like Lluis, I had been working alone from home for the last years, and after some time I began to feel a little curious about working in an office (which I had never done before), which would also mean: see real people every day, less distractions, free coffee, etc.

So I had the chance to work in the Suse Prague offices for a pair of weeks, and I have to say that even if it was only for some days, I began to feel a little more focused and less distracted (and it would be better if we had any Mono hacker around ;-) ).

Suse Prage Work place

Besides that, the obvious: Prague is a quite nice city, with castles, statues, and a lot of cheap and very good beer.

Hopefully I will be able to work in an office the next year - somewhere ;-)