miércoles, diciembre 28, 2005

Interesting article about politics in Mexico

It's sad to see that the current government is helping some of the men behind the FOBAPROA in Mexico (a large fraud that took place some years ago, where the banks lent themselves money and then declared to be in economical problems). One of those men, Jorge Lankenau, was set free some days ago.

The article here (in spanish).

Managed environments and Macs

Miguel has a pretty interesting post about .Net/Mono environments and the declarations about it made by the mac guys (saying that managed languages are 'SLOW').

The technical issues mentioned by Miguel are really interesting, but the article also shows the way in which osnews/oreilly/slashdot 'trolly' posts should be fighted. It's more interesting to see a complete point of view, instead of the classical posts, such "I agree, that thing just sucks", "And what about the patent issue?" and that kind of posts that definitely don't help the discussion.