domingo, abril 01, 2007

Abortion in Mexico

Abortion has always been a difficult topic, and much more in Mexico. In the latest weeks it was proposed in the Legislative Assembly of Mexico’s Federal District to legalize the partial decriminalization of abort, which caused the furious answer of the right-wing in Mexico, that in union with a group of business men and the catolic church, is trying to use again the fear campaign used the last year agains left-wing candidate to the federal government.

Human Rights Watch has an article about decriminalizing abortion. Here some interesting bits:
Safe and legal access to abortion is a human rights concern. All of our experiences have shown that women suffer terrible consequences when access to abortion is blocked and criminalized.

The deputies are also considering reforms to improve access to contraceptives and to sex education and information.

Here a related note in spanish.

Abortion and the right wing

Proceso has also an interesting article about the reaction of the right wing, which is trying to stop the decriminalization. The problem begins with the not-recognized-by-me president, Fecal.

Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, representant of the mexican lay state, has broken the legality by declaring against the decriminalization of the abortion, using catolic terms.

As in the campaign of the 2006, the PAN people, business men, the conservative catolic church and Calderon are again using the television with his campaign against the PRD.

In 2006 the dirty campaign designed by the norteamerican Dick Morris, hired by Calderon and the PAN gave as result a confronted society. Now in 2007 the new campaign of the PAN, together with the catolic church and the business men of right wing have began not only to divide the mexican society, but to polarize it.

The health secretary, José Ángel Córdoba said the that the last year there were only 88 deaths by this cause. However, the PRD is using oficial numbers of the National Poblation Bureau (CONAPO) showing that in Mexico there are 533 thousend abortions per year in unhealthy conditions and with mortal risks.

Televisa is showing interviews and notes about women who are regretful of abortion. But there's no information about the women who have decided to abort by economical, familiar, social or even health aspects.

The article in spanish here.