lunes, octubre 30, 2006

The current status of the problem in Oaxaca

For the mexican audience, it's not a secret that the problems arising in Oaxaca are related to the abuses committed by the government of the state. Right now the scenario appears to be pretty complicated, and different groups in the country are showing their dislike for the use of the army by the federal government (around 7 persons have been killed in the last days).

Usually it's nice to read articles and essays by the international media, telling the truth about the circumstances in the international events. I used to read DW (Deutsche Welle), until I found this stupid paragraph:
El presidente de México, Vicente Fox, se acerca al último mes de su gobierno con un nivel de popularidad muy superior al de otros mandatarios latinoamericanos. Por ello, son muchos los mexicanos que seguramente aplaudirán el envió de tropas policíacas a Oaxaca

First of all, Fox hasn't a very good popularity here in Mexico. Even more, he is shown as a clown by the media. Second, the mexican nation isn't very happy about the army trying to take Oaxaca. The demonstration taking place along the entire country are a proof of that.