domingo, febrero 18, 2007

The dirty game of the right wing in Mexico

In the latest days, the historian Carlos Tello Diaz presented his book "2 de Julio", where he mentions that, based on his own sources, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (the federal government candidate for the left wing), accepted he lost the elections.

In an interview, he also mentioned he had the chance to talk to Perez Gay and Federico Arreola (who are close to Lopez Obrador) to corroborate it.

However, he's having a lack of credibility: Perez Gay denied he gave an interview to Tello Diaz, in an article published a day later. Also, Federico Arreola had the chance to face him in an interview with Carmen Aristegui (one of the most prominent journalist in Mexico), where Tello couldn't bear with the pressure.

As Federico Arreola mentions in his article, it's part fo the dirty game from the federal government.

Le exigí que probara que AMLO había dicho eso. No pudo hacerlo. Lo reté a que diera el nombre de su fuente, se negó varias veces. Insistí y Tello no soportó la presión. Me acusó: "Tú fuiste la fuente". Cuando le expliqué que lo iba a llevar a los tribunales por esa calumnia, reculó: "Miento en eso, efectivamente".

Weird enough, we also have in Mexico one of the worst journalist out there: Lopez Doriga, who writes a columns saying "we already knew that Lopez Obrador knew about his lost". Well, if you say to, then _prove it_.

The high prices of corn and other bits.

In the campaign for the federal government, Calderon (currently the presidente of Mexico, legal but not legitimate) said that Lopez Obrador was a "danger for Mexico". As part of those aseverations, he said "the prices will get higher". What does he have to say now, when whe have these high prices in corn?

Interesting enough, a lot of people around me that used to think about of Lopez Obrador as a "danger for Mexico" don't even say a word about it. I wonder why.