viernes, agosto 19, 2005

Another article about politics in Mexico

Proceso is a very good reading for those who could be interested in the social an political movements happening in Mexico.

This time I found an essay about the latest appareance of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who was president of Mexico some years ago, and who has a lot of political power. The possible reasons behind he appearing are here.

miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

Politics and globalization

I found quite interesting an article about a thing that is known for much of us, but that remain unknown for others: the latest economical and political ideas are having a very bad impact in countries like Mexico and the located in center and south America, like social segregation, a minority with much money and so on.

A great article here, at Deutsche Welle,,1564,1681370,00.html

jueves, agosto 11, 2005

The new Marcos show

The latest declarations of Marcos, one of the most important men behind the EZLN -this in Mexico-, are quite interesting, since one can't tell the _true_ reasons behind them. Why to bring them right now, when the federal elections are near? Why did he break relations with the PRD?

A very good essay about this fact here