viernes, julio 14, 2006

Hey, trolls

Hey trolls. Yes, you trolls. Since you can't understand the things written by the media (and by media, I mean Proceso, Jornada, Mileno, and similar), I want to put these pictures. They are very easy to understand.

Since these goodies are very easy to understand, I highly recommend:

Of course, you could also try to read good articles (forget about Cronica and such).

PD - I beg your pardon for such hard words.

martes, julio 04, 2006

Elections in Mexico

The mexican media says that PRD -left wing- and the PAN -right wing- have a technical draw.

BUT it's very clear that the government and the IFE president, Luis Carlos Ugalde, are trying to manipulate the elections.

BEFORE other thing, go read: Sendero del peje, and the great post of Miguel de Icaza. I love the next parafraphs:

The PAN orchestrated a fear campaign against the PRD/AMLO. The TV ads were fairly blunt "if they win, you will loose your job and your house", "Four families will be forced to live in an apartment", your standard cold-war era propaganda. I figured nobody would believe this sort of thing, but I was surprised to listen to my own friends echo these things back to me "we would have lost our houses and jobs".
Anyways, Mexicans, like the Americans two years ago, managed to vote against their own interest as the discussion shifted away from the Economic Policy to whether the man had finished his degree and whether he ate babies with his bare hands.