sábado, septiembre 04, 2004

System Tune

Hell! I was preparing me to go to Xalapa today but ... yes, I forgot I had no money, and also that I'm in conflicts with my parents, so go figure out. Shit.

And trying to improve the performance on my almos dead pc (Celereon 500, 256 ram, 40 gb hd), I has to compile-the-linux-kernel, which took me almost 3 hours. And the system is just as slow as before. After checking the system performance, I saw that xmms was using almost 10% of the cpu! And that's just the mp3 player, that is a small application. Now think in Evolution, in Epiphany (because God, I don't use Mozilla), in all the open Terminals, in Gaim, in Xchat ...

The worst is that I could see that alsa is not as slow as before (when it was not included in the linux kernel officially), but it still is toooooo slow. Check the part of the report:


0 63316 7500 11m S 10.3 3.3 3:15.13 xmms
0 1820 816 1620 R 8.6 0.4 0:00.11 top
0 96076 27m 72m R 6.9 12.3 5:09.98 X

My God, I need a new pc.

Excuses for Federico
I know this is the second time I'm not able to go to Xalapa, and I must confess to be embarrased. I promise to send you the C# book with Mauricio (I know I will see you at irc, but just wanted to make clear that I'm very sorry about this situation).

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