viernes, octubre 08, 2004

Patents ...

I'm very sick about the current patents system. The most known problem with the patents began, I think, with SCO reclaming intelectual properties over Linux kernel, or at least it marked the beginning of the moment we are living currently: the era where you suit the man selling magazines in the street, cause you have the patent number 999999999-565656 that reclaimg the right to sell magazines in the streets.

Probably I should patent the process by which human reproduce themselves - I call call it 'sex'.

The last stupid new I heard of, was a
by which Kodak is reclaiming 'a method by which a program can ask for help from another program', which is totally stupid.

Is this the era where everyone suits everyones, as I just states before? It looks like a bad business practice, more than a good one.

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