domingo, noviembre 21, 2004

Invitation to avoid your daily lecture of a pseudo portal

Today I had the bad -when I say, I really mean bad- idea of reading some computer related news at a mexican portal -which name beging with "Co" and ends with "día"- just to see how the ideas are going in this country every day. All the things that, as mexicans dislike, are well represented there, and also they are well applied.

In this portal, is is easy to find persons with a bad aperture to new ideas, and the haughty ideas are there the bread of every day.

Nothing easier than go there (as mexican, it's probably you would have read sometime) and begin to read the news and find that almost everyone there don't believe in nothing, not even in the good things or bad ones; they don't think in the logical things or the other. I don't say anymore, because for a smart person, it should be enough.

I only hope that never the 'main' moderatore there contacts me or somehting like that.

And again, this is an invitation to not visit that pseudo portal anymore, and in general, all the portal where only people wanting see the bad things speak. As someone said, "there's no hope for those persons who only see the ugly things in the pretty ones".

Lets just try to make a better world.

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xzain7 dijo...

Solo decir que te quedó grande la palabra "portal" ya que la pagina a la que te refieres es solo un "foro" de chismes (para chismosos), al menos en mi humilde opinión basandome en la "calidad" de las notas y falta de aportaciones reales a la comunidad.


Carlos Alberto Cortez dijo...

Nada más que agregar ;-)

Roberto Iza Valdes dijo...
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Iza Firewall dijo...
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