martes, diciembre 07, 2004

Education Problems

Read at DW that Germany is currently having problems with its education system, because some students leave the school when the are still young (this also is a consequence of the education system). And it also points out that in Germany the success the students get is involved with their economical situation.

At least there they have good schools, and they are now trying to improve the educations system. In Mexico we have several problems, and the current government (that being said, the last government monopoly and the current one) is not improving the system, but just making it worse.

How? creating more techinical universities, technical high schools, which shows that the government is just interested in producing qualified workers for the big companies.

Second, the more money you have, the better work you get. If you go to a expensive (very expensive) private school/university, you get almost the same education you could gain in a public one, but with more expensive builds *and*, more important, you get the sympathy of the companies. If you studied in a public university, you have fewer probabilities to get a decent job than if you studied at a particular one. Worse, the education you get there is usually not as good (or not that bad) as the one you could get ina public universitie.

Third, I thinkg we have a matter of vision and the ideas we get. Students at public universities receive an excelent education, _but_ they are educated to serve and not to manage a company; they are going to be part of another problem that in Mexico happens: the chief is an dumb-ass and his workers are people with good level, but who don't want to improve their status.

It is well known that our current public system doesn't empaphize in teaching how to think, but how to repeat _and_ do the things your chief ordered to you.

One important person told me that our *president* Fox (the most bizarre political you could ever known) decreased the amount of money for public universities, and since he couldn't do that, he then gave that money to private ones. WHAAAAAAT?

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I think your article is very interesting. It's too bad that education is looked upon as a means to an end instead of a way to improve society and lives.

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Your article is very interesting... i find it very useful to my investigatory project about the problems in education and how to solve it. Thank you very much.

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