miércoles, mayo 28, 2008

BindingSource 2.0

Following Jonathan Pobst big finale, I was immediately going to write about BindingSource (2.0 windows.forms, data binding class) and the fact that it's behaviour is not deeply explained the msdn docs (I realized this after implementing some bits based on pure sample testing and deductions, having descriptions like "returns X, Y member", which was clearly not enough in some cases).

Even if we have now tests for every 2.0 member of data binding and BindingSource, I still have the feeling that we probably are missing some bits on that class, and that's why I'm requesting everyone out there using data binding to test your app with Mono!

Observe that I have already been trying a pair of small/medium apps using it, but nothing interesting has appeared yet. That will change soon, hopefully.

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