lunes, junio 07, 2004

Emitting IL and other stuff

I've been adding some research about the IL doing some research about the IL doing some research about the IL basics on Mono, and I just got working the creation of the IL for a Enum using System.Reflection. The problem about my latest approaches was the fact that a special field called value__ must be added to the class.

Based on that, I'll be coding the System.Reflection.Emit.EnumBuilder class. I don't think is will represent a challenge, and the only important thing will be compatibility with .NET.

Also I was reading about parametric polymorphism (aka generics), that represent an interesting approach to the collections that Mono/.NET currently support. The fact behind this feature of C# 2.0 is the posibility of having dynamic collections, like a Stack or a Queue, of the exact desired type. Thus you won't have to use objects as the fundamental unit, avoiding the runtime casts (that cause a lot of runtime related problems and hard to catch).

I will be writing two articles: more about p/invoke, and other about GC in Mono (and good practices).

Finally, right now I'm taking a break with Mauricio. Cool.

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