domingo, junio 13, 2004

Some notes on weekend

I'm a little bored right now -sunday evening-, and while my parents are watching tv -thus I can't see it-, I'm trying to see what to do, but without needing my brain. Hey, it's a sunday!

Wow, France!

Today I saw the France vs England game, and wow. I must confess I was very sad at the end of the game, because England was winning 1-0, but then that sadness became happiness after the only one Zinedine Zidane made two goals. Great!!! (I want to avoid the comment on the game that Pumas won versus Chivas, the mexican national soccer final). For tomorrow: Italy vs Denmark. I really would be a geek is I had nothing to do but only coding ;-)

.NET Blogs

I was curiois about the note I saw on a Mono blog -I don't remember who wrote it-, that made reference to the .NET guys at Microsoft. So I wen to MSDN and looked for them ... Now, I have the address and another resource for learning:

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