jueves, junio 03, 2004

Why I love C# (and Mono)

Mi idea about creating this new blog (and of course, based on the fact that mi last blog server is offline) was caused by the title of the first post of danguer, who has a entry standing for "Why I love Python".

Before all, I must say that I confess that I think he is talking about python just as a platform, and not just like the language itself.

Said those things, let's start: I really really love the idea behinf the Mono Platform because of some simple things:

  • Multiplatform capabilites

  • Support for Multiple languages

  • Great API

  • Freedom

  • and ... performance

Currently in Mono we have support for BasicNET (renames as MonoBasic) and for C#, the most beautiful language I have ever seen. It mixed the best of Java/VB/C++. Can you imagine that! That's so much POWER!

First of all, I don't have to see the horrible event model in Java (we have delegates, a powerful way to encapsulate methods and results to be type safe). Also, I don't have to play with weak-type languages like perl or python or basic or ... I really like the clean things and couldn't support to have such an inefficient app that needs that bad approach. Really.

Second, I like the way it is performing the inheritance, and the way it drives the default scope of the members of the class. A big difference with MonoBasic.

Third, I like new statements that add great capabilities. For example, we have the using keyword/statement, that lets use a resource for a limited scope, hiding psoiible problems durin its execution. You will find it useful in a lot of scenarios in which you don't want to write the awful try/catch statements.

This should be enough. Some other things I could say would rely on the Mono platform. However, I think could show the difference between liking a language and a platform.

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